300mm Measuring Wheel, Kincrome

  • 300mm (12″) Wheel With Sealed Roller Bearings
  • Measures Up To 10,000M
  • Rubber handle, brake trigger.  Ideal for use over rough terrain.

Product Description

The Kincrome Measuring Wheel 12″ makes it easier to measure distances over rough terrain and can be folded in half or can be left standing with its kick-stand in place. The pistol grip has the remote brake trigger as well as a remote counter reset button, so the user doesn’t have to bend over to reset to zero on the counter itself.  The Measuring Wheel measures from 0 – 10,000m in 10cm increments and has a comfortable rubber pistol grips with a brake trigger that can be used to ‘lock’ or ‘hold’ the wheel and the reading. Made from high quality ABS & PU, this Measuring wheel has sealed roller bearings for smooth action and long durability.
• Comfortable Rubber Handle with Brake Trigger and Remote Counter Reset Button
• Collapsible Shaft: Folds in half from 1120mm to 600mm
• 300mm (12″) Wheel with Sealed Roller Bearings
• Ideal for use over rough terrain
• Measures up to 10,000M
• 10cm Increments
• Zero Reset Button
• Kick Stand
Technical Specifications
Diameter 300mm (12″)
Max Distance 10,000M

KC K11211.